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where growth, renewal, and interconnectedness flourish

Suhrida is an ode to growth, renewal, and interconnectedness, inspired by the lotus flower and the color green. Symbolizing personal growth, the lotus emerges from verdant surroundings, mirroring the rejuvenating essence of green. This color, associated with nature, renewal, and balance, mirrors Suhrida's holistic approach in yoga and Shambhala Reiki sessions. Derived from Sanskrit, 'Suhrida' embodies a well-disposed and friendly ethos — a space for connection, growth, and renewal. My aim is to cultivate interconnectedness, fostering unity and harmony in this nurturing environment.


petals: depict the journey of

personal development and renewal

lotus flower: universal symbol of purity, spiritual awakening, and growth

shade of green: representative of growth, healing, and connection

Watou Belgium

suhrida's journey

embracing harmony


In the serene village of Watou, Bárbara, deeply rooted in kindness and inspiration, brings to life 'Suhrida.' More than a concept, Suhrida is a gentle beacon of empathy and a haven for growth. Fate intertwines Suhrida and Terra Vita, an earthly intuition enterprise echoing holistic well-being. Within Terra Vita's serene embrace, Suhrida discovers not just a haven but a canvas for its mission — a space where earthly scents harmonize with whispers of intuition. With Terra Vita's gracious support, Suhrida opens its doors as a sanctuary for seekers of inspiration, wellness, and growth. Together, Suhrida and Terra Vita unite in guiding transformative journeys, creating a gentle partnership dedicated to uplifting others on their unique paths.

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